Get started on guitar with the award-winning, class-defying tone of BOSS Katana 50 MkII amp

Kickstart your creativity with Katana 50 MkII

Small but mighty - Katana 50 MkII combines soaring tones with beginner-friendly features
  • 50-watt combo amp with a custom 12-inch speaker
  • A/B power amp creates an efficient, crystal clear tone, free from unwanted distortion
  • Five essential amp types with variations (Clean, Crunch, Lead, Brown, & Acoustic)
  • Five simultaneous effects (Booster, Mod, FX, Delay, and Reverb) - build your own pedal board
  • Rear-panel connections for footswitch, expression, and headphone/line out
  • Power Amp input connection turns Katana into a flat response speaker for amplifying external audio
“I still think the Boss Katana MkII is the best beginner amp by quite some ways."
"In the Boss Katana 50 MkII, there exists almost the perfect guitar amp for beginners."
"Indeed, the Katana MkII series might just have everything you need for gigging, recording and practising."

Essential preset tones to get you started

The Katana 50 MkII comes with five essential amp tones, each with its own variation. Enjoy dialled-in tones for your favourite music genres straight out of the box, or start adapting to your taste using the expansive tone editing controls.

Practise anytime with variable volume and headphone output

Gain full control of your volume using three adaptable power settings, all while preserving your tone. Switch to low level power settings for late night practice at home, or crank it up to full power to cut through the mix at a gig.

Small size. Big sound.

Katana 50 MkII is ready to roar with a powerful sound that cuts, all while weighing in at just 11.6kg. Ideal for carrying to guitar lessons, classrooms, and rehearsal rooms, or for storing at home.

Straightforward interface with unlimited tone potential

Simplicity and efficiency are at the heart of the Katana 50 MkII design. Control your sound with five chainable effects and full EQ control, all with simple-to-use, easy-to-see dials.

Save your favourite guitar tones, effects, and voices

Plug in, power on, start playing. Katana 50 MkII saves up to four of your favourite tones and legendary Boss effects, ready to be recalled in seconds.

Discover BOSS Tone Studio

Explore a vast virtual showroom of downloadable guitar tones and voices - for free.
Connect your Katana 50 MkII via USB to PC or Mac and get new and inspiring patches via BOSS Tone Studio, all for free. Download and sculpt the tones to your taste, add different effects to make it yours, and store your favourite tones as presets, ready to be recalled at any time.

Start your guitar journey with the Katana 50 MkII

Powerful sound with stunning tones - learn to play guitar with Katana 50 MkII
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